Touchless Images by Cody Gabel  |  Billings, MT  |  |  (406) 839-1175  |  © 2019 by Cody Gabel.

Born in Hardin, Montana, I learned to draw from my mother at a young age. Growing up, I enjoyed most forms of art but developed a love for drawing in graphite, charcoal, and digital art. I practiced for years, and continued to hone my skills through high school and on into college.

I later graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California with an Illustration degree. Although I focused on comics, storyboards, and graphic design, my foremost passion has always been to draw and paint.

While I began to draw from an early age, painting was a medium I hadn’t pursued until early in my college career. I always enjoyed watching all the different painters on PBS display their talents, and especially appreciated the work of Bob Ross. Ross was one of the primary influences that led me to begin branching out into learning to paint. I began my work in both acrylic and oil paintings, focusing on portraits and landscapes, however I have more recently begun to branch out into new material, new styles, and new subjects.

I am more recently inspired by abstract and spontaneous realism. Using more vivid color and new ways to push the boundaries of the paint and my own abilities has been my new obsession in my work.

My goal in drawing and painting is to bring enjoyment not only to myself, but to others as well. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing the gasp of excitement and surprise from someone after they’ve seen what you’ve created, and I will continue to drive myself to make that happen within every piece of my art.